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Generate data sets with continuous, categorical, grouped and correlated data. Great for creating data sets for examples and for quality assurance testing. Data sets are created in standard .CSV format so they can be opened in most statistical programs such as SAS, SPSS, WINKS and into spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. Order now.

Statistics Tutorials
using SPSS Software

These SPSS statistics tutorials briefly explain the use and interpretation of standard statistical analysis techniques for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Marketing or Scientific Research. The examples include how-to instructions for SPSS Software.

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Stat book coverAlso, we recommend this book: Statistical Analysis Quick Reference Guidebook: With SPSS Examples is a practical "cut to the chase" handbook that quickly explains the when, where, and how of statistical data analysis as it is used for real-world decision-making in a wide variety of disciplines. In this one-stop reference, the authors provide succinct guidelines for performing an analysis, avoiding pitfalls, interpreting results, and reporting outcomes.
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ISBN: 1412925606
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