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Splitting Files In SPSS to
Analysis Data "by group"


See www.stattutorials.com/SPSSDATA for files mentioned in this tutorial TexaSoft, 2008


These SPSS statistics tutorials briefly explain the use and interpretation of standard statistical analysis techniques for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Marketing or Scientific Research. The examples include how-to instructions for SPSS Software.


Splitting Files (Data/Split File)


This example is adapted from information in Statistical Analysis Quick Reference Guidebook (2007).



The following example shows how to split your data set into two or more groups in order to perform an analysis "by group." (This example uses SPSS version 16, but the process is the same in most versions.)


For example, suppose you want to analyze your data by sex. That is, you want to perform one analysis on males only and the same analysis on females only.


Step 1: Open the data set name EX.SAV (See www.stattutorials.com/SPSSDATA)



Step 2: From the menus, select DATA/Split File...the following dialog box appears. Click on the radio button titled "Organize output by groups."



Step 3: Select the sex variable in the box at the left, and click on the arrow at the "Groups based on" box.

Step 4: Click OK. Now, subsequent analyses will reflect the split.


Step 5:  For example, run descriptives on Age and TIME1. That is,  from the menus select Analyze/ Descriptive Statistic/ Descritpives, select AGE & TIME1 as variables to analyze as shown below:

Step 6: Notice that the output contains the analysis split by the two values of SEX. See below:


SEX = 0

SEX = 1

Step 7: Important -- to get back to "normal" where the data are not split, go back to Data/Split Files... and select the option "Analyze All cases."


  See www.stattutorials.com/SPSSDATA for files mentioned in this tutorial TexaSoft, 2008

End of tutorial

See http://www.stattutorials.com/SPSS


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